About Me

Hi! I’m Wouter Groeneveld, a software developer with a deep passion to inspire others on everything that drives me. That includes lots of goodness, but here are the key facts:

  • Test your stuff before writing your code! I’m a heavy Test Driven Development (TDD) fanboy and I bark at those who don’t! I teach agile software engineering on multiple occasions, ranging from colleagues to schools.
  • I love dynamic languages. I also love converting the haters to the dark side. I teach javascript as a dynamic and functional language - it helps to create your own funky labs to people get more engaged.
  • Pair programming used as a tool to learn from each other and to improve code quality are two values I believe in.
  • Don’t limit yourself to your specialty. I like constantly improving my own (and others’) skills by trying out something new, reading, and writing.