Drawing week 01 - pencil illustrations

Gotta start somewhere...

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As you might already have read, I started the drawing adventure with a 10-week ‘illustrative techniques’ course. It sounds complicated but it wasn’t really: it’s more of a gentle introduction in different mediums (pencil, ink, acrylic paint, …) than a crash course in drawing techniques. I didn’t know then that to draw illustrations, you still have to be able to draw. (I’m reading “drawing at the right side of the brain” and I know better now). But still, thse drawings might be fun to look at or to compare to the other weeks.

These are all random drawings I did between the lessons to get myself familiar with a pencil. That sounds awful, doesn’t it? Who uses pencils anyway. The left scan contains some color: that’s an experiment. The brown is bistre, something we had to work with in the second class. The other colors are very cheap pastels.

So, what did I learn this week:

  1. Bistre can be a bit of a mess. You absolutely cannot wait, edges will form and it’ll be worse than watercolor.
  2. Expensive tools are better than cheap ones. Pastels are softer and contain a lot more pigment than the ones you can find in sale bins.
  3. I know the difference between a HB and a B4 pencil. I know how to sharpen one. Yay.
  4. These drawings look like doodles because they are a lot like doodles. I like drawing that but I have the feeling I’m missing a lot background info (will be continued…)
  5. Patience looks like an important skill to aid me in learning how to draw.
  6. Do not look at the work of others!

I warned you:

This also is bistre. Ouch.

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